This is the first electric trial motorcycle ever sold equipped with a diaphragm clutch.

Imagine one of the lightest trial motorcycles on the market, add the torque of an electric powertrain and finally a high performance diaphragm clutch…

The 2021 model has even more power at high RPM.

The Epure Race has no limit… except for its pilot’s.



MSRP $13,420

*does not include local Freight, set up or applicable taxes


Frame 15CDV6
Front brakes 182mm disc w/ 4 piston caliper
Rear brakes 150mm disc w/ 2 piston caliper
Front rim Morad Trial 1.6"x21"
Rear rim Morad Trial 2.15" x 18"
Front suspensions ALUMINUM TECH RACING
Front suspension travel 175 mm
Rear suspension R 16 V
Rear suspension travel 170 mm


Energy 1.9 kwh Li-ion
Voltage 50.4V
Capacity 1875 Wh
Weight 10.5 kg
Charger 15 A
Charging time 3h 20m
Life cycle 1000
Mini charging temperature 32°F


Nominal power 6 Kw
Peak power 11 Kw


Seat height 670 mm / 26.378 in
Wheel base 1325 mm / 52.165 in
Ground clearance 320 mm / 12.598 in
Footrest height 360 mm / 14.173 in
Width 825 mm / 32.480 in


Maps 3


Series equipment Hydraulic controlled diaphragm clutch




In 2021, the Aluminum Tech Racing Fork on the Epure Race is equipped with new extra light CNC triple clamps and new geometry. 

The competitors’s favorite fork brings responsiveness, performance and stability.

This aluminum fork brings an undeniable advantage to our Epure Race model.



The ultra-light and high performance frame gives you thrills you never thought you could have.

Initially developed for competition, Electric Motion chooses to provide its standard model with a high-end frame made of 15CDV6 steel tubes and micro fused pieces in 24CS.

The frame itself weighs less than 5kg / 11lbs.


Electric Motion shows its true colors at first sight.
The lines are refined and chiseled, the curves are simple and modern…
The art of distinguishing itself, with a line and completely new colors, the Epure is more daring and elegant.

With clean details and an original line cut with a scalpel, you have understood the Epure heals his style, his signature.


The Epure Race model is equipped with a diaphragm clutch with a hydraulic control, made for competition.

The engine flywheel coupled with a set of different balancing weights allows several inertia settings.

Essential system for the high-level competitors, here is what will make them clear the highest obstacles, with a perfect control.


The Electric Motion battery pack is more efficient than ever.

Its last generation BMS (Battery Management System) guarantees the best performance in use and in time. The battery pack is compact, light and removable.

It will make you wonder who will be exhausted first: your battery or yourself.


The 2021 Epure range marks a huge evolution in the couple motor / controller performance.

Better feeling, more inertia, EM was able to improve control and sensitivity at low RPM as well as gain power and explosiveness at mid and high RPM.

The sensations are increased and the power of your Epure Race is limitless.


The new handlebar and controls give you centralized information you need with only the blink of an eye.

Ergonomic map control and remaining battery life on display (in %).

The handlebars come standard with Hebo Hand Grips to improve the comfort and grip of the pilot..

Epure Race

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