• FIM E-xplorer World Cup - EM Electric Motion team anounced!


    As a real pioneer in the 2 wheel electric, it's been more than 10 years that EM (ELECTRIC MOTION) is designing, developing, engineering, promoting, distributing electric motorcycles all around the world.

    Started from the bottom, it's been a long journey and struggle to be where we are today. The road is still long to accomplish all goals that we have fixed, but we are proud of what we have done and thankful to all the people that have supported us and believed in our "crazy" project.

    From winning titles in multiple categories in trial championship, from racing against the best riders and best gas bikes in the world, we are very excited now to be part of this new championship, the FIM E-XPLORER World Championship. A new format focused on electric dirt bikes, with a mixed team composed of 1 man and 1 woman that will ride in the most beautiful places in the world, inside cities and in nature. "From project to reality: definitely the dawn of something big for off-road motorcycle sport. Let the race begin, and please, explore the silence!" (Philippe ARESTEN - EM CEO)

    "I am delighted to announce that Electric Motion, known for their competitiveness and innovation, will be joining the E-Xplorer World Championship as a factory team. As we continue to champion sustainable racing and push the limits of electric mobility, we believe that diversity and inclusivity play a crucial role in achieving our goals. We are excited to see Electric Motion's talented riders showcase their skills and technology on the international stage of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup." (Valentin Guyonnet – E-Xplorer CEO)

    "I am really happy to be part of this new project with the EM team! The whole EM team is doing their best to allow my teammate Marine Lemoine and myself to ride in the best conditions, and we are going to do everything to show the potential of our EM bike! Congratulations to the promoter E-XPLORER for setting-up this championship, finally offering a mixed competition on the same track. (Chris BRUAND - EM Rider)

    "I am so excited to compete in this new championship under the EM colors! The team is really involved and very professional. Can't wait to start the electric season!" (Marine LEMOINE - EM Rider)




    The Canadian company X-TRACK becomes the Official Modular Track Supplier for the E-Xplorer Championship, the new international electric, all-terrain motorcycle series.


    APRIL 12th 2023 - X-TRACK has teamed up with the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup for the 2023 USA E-Xplorer Race, which is set to take place on September 16th.


    X-TRACK is a company that produces innovative modules made from environmentally friendly materials, including recycled and recyclable products, and also focuses on creating reusable products that have a long lifespan.


    This partnership between X-TRACK and FIM E-Xplorer World Cup will allow for the development of sustainable racetracks across the globe for the upcoming season. This will provide an excellent opportunity for motorcycle clubs and municipalities to build safe environments for riding electric motorcycles in urban areas.



    "X-TRACK is thrilled to be involved in the technological and environmental advancements taking place and is honored to have been selected as the official synthetic track modules Supplier for the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup. We are excited to offer our expertise in manufacturing customized modules that cater to specific needs, whether it be jumps, bumps or curves. Our modules are especially ideal for urban circuits”. – Steve Lussier, X-Track Project manager and Co-Founder



    " We are delighted to collaborate with X-Track, a company whose cutting-edge techniques are pushing the boundaries of electric motorcycle development. X-Track's extensive knowledge and expertise are vital for the ongoing expansion of our sport. The noiseless feature of electric motorcycles presents riders with a chance to engage in their activity in urban settings. Just like with skateboarding, it is critical to establish a safe atmosphere for riders to express themselves. " – Valentin Guyonnet, E-Xplorer CEO & Co-Founder


    About X-TRACK

    X-TRACK produces modules using ecologically sustainable materials, including recycled, recyclable, and reusable products that are designed to endure for many years. Furthermore, the track configuration can be easily modified due to the interchangeable nature of the modules, resulting in a more cost-effective and appealing purchase over time. The development of the X-Track modules was a collaborative effort, with Elabore and LX Sim engineering firms creating the design plans and conducting simulations, while CDCQ and Coalia laboratories sourced the manufacturing materials. In addition, several other companies contributed to the production of the first X-Track modules, such as BeSpline for composite thermoforming, Soudure Bess Design for aluminium structure assembly, Flex-Sol for rubber coating, and RJAM for customized safety cushion manufacturing. As a result, X-Track products can rightfully claim to be made in Quebec, Canada. More info at www.x-track.ca

  • E-xplorer Provisional Season Calendar

    Updated: Feb 27

    We will officially start racing in 2023 with 6 races on 3 continents fully endorsed by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).


    The Championship calendar will run from May to November and features races in six (6) countries on three (3) different continents. Kicking off in May in Barcelona, Spain and concluding in November in Asia, the Championship races will take place in a mix of epic natural landscapes and iconic cities, showcasing the excitement of electric racing in all its forms.


    We are working closely with local partners in each race location to deliver world-class all-terrain electric motorcycle racing and unique fan experiences. Up to twelve all-electric teams, each featuring two riders – one female and one male – will compete in thrilling head-to-head racing throughout the season, crowning the first-ever FIM E-Xplorer World Cup winner in Asia in November.


    Each stop on the calendar will ignite the spirit of adventure in fans who will witness electric all-terrain motorcycles developed by pioneering motorbike manufacturers being pushed to their limits. The 6 tracks will be developed in harmony with the race location and present the riders with technical and thrilling obstacles as they race head-to-head.


    Backed by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the likes of MIE Racing founder Midori Moriwaki, and motorcycle event organiser legend Eric Peronnard and will electrify all-terrain motorcycle racing fans, while acting as a test bed for new technology that appeals to the next generation of climate-conscious fans.


    Alejandro Agag, Founder of Formula E, Extreme E and the E1 Series, states: “E-Xplorer is part of the electric motorsport revolution and will lead the electric two-wheel industry development, the same way we did with the four-wheel industry with Formula E. The fact that the inaugural season will feature 6 races on 3 continents proves that it is a global sport that will bring the excitement of electric motorcycling to fans all over the world. I am very proud to be involved with E-Xplorer, a championship that stands for gender equality, innovation, exciting racing and sustainability.”


    Carina Munte, Co-Founder & Chief Championship Officer of E-Xplorer said: “I am so pleased to share the inaugural calendar of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. The fact that we will be able to bring the thrill of electric bikes to fans across the world and showcase the skills of these incredible female and male riders makes me very proud. We are excited to work with the FIM, the teams, the riders and our local partners to deliver exceptional events and take this new discipline to huge heights. This is just the start of our electrifying journey!”


    Jean-Paul Gombeaud, FIM Sports & E-Bike Director added: “The initial test that took place in France earlier this year proved a real success and has put strong foundations in place for an inaugural series that will boast no less than six events spread across three different continents. The 2023 schedule that will run from May to November makes great logistical sense for the teams and sends out a bold message for the status of electric motorcycle racing. On behalf of the FIM I want to thank our promoter and all the key stakeholders for their hard work in bringing this exciting series to life.”